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STRANGE FESTIVALS: Festa del Cornuto (FESTIVAL OF HORNS) - Roca Canterano, Italy

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The spurned lovers of this world have their very own festival in the little town of Rocca Canterano near Rome in Italy. Traditionally,the cuckold whose lover has cheated wears horns as a mark of shame, but there's nothing lovelorn or sad about this festival. In fact, there's such a lot of Latin passion in the air that there's every chance an unhappy cuckold will find a new "amore" despite the costumed participants parading through the town telling cautionary tales of love's betrayal.

The Festival of Horns is certainly a festival for the more pathetic members of the human population; I did try to say it in a nicer way, but it turns out there isn’t a nicer way to say it. This is the festival for life’s losers as it celebrates anyone who has been cheated on in a relationship. It takes place in November in the town of Roca Canterano near Rome, Italy. The Cornutos march through the streets wearing a helmet with horns, sometimes crying and smashing up CDs or other objects that symbolize their failed relationships.
The horns are a metaphor for someone that has been cheated on, the term is thought to date from as far back as the Roman Empire when victorious soldiers were given horns as a prize upon their return from battle, often they would find out that their wife’s been cheating on them during their absence.
These people tell their sorry stories of woe, passing them through the streets where lots of fresh connections are made — possibly securing their visit to the following year festival. It must be a love-rats paradise, lots of gullible and vulnerable people to prey on who actually advertise the fact that they are vulnerable and gullible. It has never been so easy.
If it happened to me personally I’d just forget about it and move on but these people clearly haven’t heard the expression “Get over it”.

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